Complex Bank Acquisitions

Bank Acquisition Support

  • Supported both buy and sell side transactions
  • Assessed investment banks; reviewed/analyzed their recommendations
  • Developed lists of acquisition targets and/or potential buyers
  • Due diligence – for both buyers and sellers 
    • Analyzed credit portfolio, quality of deposit base, funding strategies, technology platforms, operations capabilities, vendors, capital markets risk & effectiveness, and corporate governance
    • Identified synergies, risks, priorities, and hidden costs
  • Provided clients
    • Strategic alternatives – assessment and analysis of opportunities
    • Regulatory support – presentations, filings, and business plan documents
    • Capital raise support – strategic plans, offering memorandums, investor presentations
    • Post-Acquisition merger integration or transformation plans

Troubled Bank Acquisitions, FDIC Receiverships, and 363 Bankruptcy Auction Support

  • Advised investor group on acquisition of distressed community bank 
  • Provided regulatory, operational, and strategic insight alongside buy-side counsel
  • Assisted with regulatory filings; developed acquisition business plans
  • Assisted in formation of the Board of Directors and developed governance structure
  • Led the business and portfolio due diligence process 
  • Completed risk assessment and developed new Statement of Risk Appetite and risk management infrastructure; revised all policies to match current industry best practices
  • Assessed operational, information technology, and credit risk platforms; made recommendations for improvement
  • Negotiated new vendor contracts for core technology and digital banking infrastructure

Transformation from Mortgage Company with $8B of Originations to $1.7B Bank

  • Provided strategic advice from concept to execution, including acquisition negotiations, pricing, and unique escrow solution to address prospective credit risk in acquired bank’s loan portfolio
  • Completed $40MM capital raise to enable transaction
  • Developed Acquisition Business Plan; worked closely with external counsel to file all necessary State, FDIC, and regulatory applications/notifications to gain approvals
  • Developed governance, risk management, technology, compliance, and other policies and procedures necessary to gain regulatory approval
  • Implemented new funding and liquidity strategy using FHLB advances, digital deposits and institutional cash management to generate funding for combined bank and mortgage operations
  • Drove mortgage and banking digitization, negotiated new vendor agreements, and onboarded change management team; completed bank technology transformation; implemented 2-year digitization plan for mortgage; outsourced IT infrastructure
  • Provided leadership throughout the +2-year transformation, with key advisory team members serving as CEO, CRO, CTO, CIO, and CBO

Loan Portfolio Due Diligence on $2B Acquisition

  • Led third party due diligence assessment 
  • Evaluated collateral value and key credit statistics for commercial real estate loans 
  • Identified and quantified key credit risks  
  • Evaluated and recommended the mark-to-market for all loans in the portfolio

Acquisition of $3B Bank in FDIC Auction

  • Developed Acquisition Business Plan and support for winning bid
  • Day-one acquisition support and comprehensive post-acquisition assessment
  • Developed comprehensive merger integration and transformation plan