White Papers

LIQUIDITY STRATEGIES FOR A TOUGH ENVIRONMENT - WHITE PAPER - The current economic environment doesn’t offer any “good” investments. Learn More

FIVE THEMES MORTGAGE BANKING - WHITE PAPER - Five key themes will dominate mortgage lending in 2021 Learn More

Five Themes - White Paper - Five key themes will resonate for financial institutions in 2021. Learn More

IPO Process - To IPO or not to IPO is a decision requiring careful consideration. Learn More

IPO PROS AND CONS - WHITE PAPER - IPOs often require complex decisions and difficult trade-offs. Learn More

IPO VALUATION - WHITE PAPER - IPO Valuation is an art that is obscured by spreadsheets showing hundreds of statistics. Learn More

SYNDICATED LOAN MARKET OPPORTUNITIES - WHITE PAPER - Community and Regional Banks today, more than ever are experiencing aggressive competition for quality commercial loans. Learn More

SYNDICATED LOAN MARKET 2020 REVIEW & 2021 OUTLOOK - WHITE PAPER - 2020 was a year of promise followed by ominous clouds, fear, loss, uncertainty and a splash of optimism. Learn More

BLOCKCHAIN IN BANKING: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE - WHITE PAPER - In the last six months, blockchain technology has gone from a complex and arcane topic to increasingly mainstream as the digital technology evolves from concept to use. Learn More

BANKING PERFORMANCE 4Q20 - WHITE PAPER - Growth in digital banking. Technology at the mega-banks has transformed their customer experience and shifted consumer and business transaction volume to digital and mobile channels. Learn More