Credit Risk

We Enable Your Team With A Forward-looking Approach To
The Evolving Credit Risk Environment

  • In-depth portfolio analysis
    • Evaluation of “at-risk” clients using data-driven triage to differentiate between borrowers:  Those that are likely to grow, those facing temporary liquidity or business model challenges, and those that are structurally impaired
    • Portfolio stress tests using assumptions tailored to local market conditions
    • Analysis of earnings, capital and liquidity impact of various loss mitigation strategies 
  • Review underwriting standards
    • Introduction of qualitative credit analysis focused on business model vulnerability to supplement quantitative credit models 
    • Development of underwriting and tracking protocols to understand dependencies and events that could “kill a business” as well as assessment of the borrower’s resiliency and risk management programs
  • Address the future of PPP borrowers and those with payment deferrals
    • How to meet regulatory requirements, track borrowers’ recovery, and develop pre-collection strategies for struggling companies