Insurance Program Framework

Partnered with stakeholders to address gaps in existing program, set desired objectives,
conducted current state assessment, and implemented continuous improvement activities:

Program Review Activities:

  • Evaluated the overall portfolio in alignment with industry best practices for organizations of like size, type, and industry 
  • Assessed related vendor contracts including placement broker, third party claims service providers, actuarial services, asset appraisals, etc.
  • Conducted an assessment of values at risk and claims experience alongside retentions, limits, and co-insurance
  • Worked with program owner to develop plan to “right-size” program, which may include increases / reductions in limits, retentions, coverage scope or structure
  • Assessed with legal counsel the opportunities to pursue claims recovery for large and unique business losses. (Applicable to COVID-related losses)

Governance Partnership Engagement:

  • Engaged with ERM program owner to assess risk transfer opportunities / considerations 
  • Worked with program owner to develop:
    • Claims reporting protocols and educational material to ensure swift / accurate reporting and no compromise of coverage
    • Unique reporting for Senior leadership and Board of Directors