Interim Leadership

We leverage our leadership skills and expertise
to drive change as interim executives

  • Only stay as long as it takes to achieve the turnaround or transformation
  • Assign leadership for anywhere from 3 to 24 months depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of the job
  • Provide help in any situation where a change in strategic direction, operational improvement, regulatory direction, or technological transformation is needed
  • Focus on complex situations with multiple stakeholders and competing demands
  • Partner closely with professional services firms (such as attorneys, accountants, and insolvency practitioners) and key vendors to have access to a full range of services that are typically needed in a turnaround or transformation process
  • Use deep knowledge and transformation skills to drive change and create value in a variety of circumstances
  • Industry and geography agnostic
  • Roles include CEO, CFO, CRO, CCO, CBO, CIO, and CTO