Technology and Operational Assessments and Transformations

Technology Assessments

  • Evaluated current technology in context of vendor and operational risk, changing digital landscape and evolving regulatory requirements
  • Conducted in-depth assessment of current state, design of target state, and development of transformation plans
  • Developed technology strategy development in support of business
  • Identified key technology upgrades

Digital Readiness Assessment

  • Completed cross-platform assessment of infrastructure, processes, people, and policies 
  • Assessed vendor capability
  • Evaluated market opportunity & branding
  • Developed:
    • Digital bank target product offering & pricing
    • Business plan and financial projections
    • Project plan to support implementation

Driving Cost Reductions

  • Identified cost reductions through optimizing vendor and software mix, outsourcing services and infrastructure, and right-sizing staff and support

Management of vendor selection and system conversions 

  • Outsourced IT infrastructure; managed RFP, vendor procurement, selection, and contracting
  • Managed oversight of core system conversion and digital banking platform implementation

Upgraded or enhanced ongoing IT management practices

  • Restructured and upgraded vendor management practices
  • Developed and implemented comprehensive change management policies and procedures
  • Developed disaster recovery and business continuity plans, including pandemic response, to ensure long term stability and improve resiliency


  • Ensured business continuity plans were compliant with FFIEC guidance as well as sound risk management practice for non-financial service companies
  • Sponsored strategic initiatives to improve company risk profile and support corporate strategy
  • Implemented enterprise business continuity, crisis management, and IT disaster recovery programs, to protect critical business functions and technologies
    • Reduced business interruptions, customer impact, and ensured employee safety
  • Oversaw training, testing, and execution of business continuity plans
  • Reviewed client and vendor contracts to ensure service level agreements fit company requirements
  • Implemented incident and problem management processes, root cause analysis, and key performance metrics for operations quality that reduced business interruptions and customer service outages