Treasury Management Consulting

Outsourced Treasury Management

  • Developed treasury management
    • Strategy
    • Staffing plan
    • Product road map
    • Master treasury management agreements
    • Product pricing strategy
  • Implemented strategy with key hires

De-Risking Strategies

  • Identified high risk clients/activities and exited certain relationships or transferred activity to other banks with minimal client push-back and no negative media exposure
  • Navigated FIG portfolio through 2008-10 financial collapse and sustained no losses

Fee Income Growth Strategies

  • Identified high potential clients
  • Increased market share and volume in critical activities
  • Created a pricing strategy to increase margins

Peer Reviews

  • Determined best practices for account opening requirements
  • Optimized product pricing

Governance Approach

  • Reviewed related policies and procedures
  • Defined divisional responsibilities
  • Adopted new privacy and data protection standards